Thursday, November 03, 2005

“Hybrid Temporal Logic”—A Note Regarding the Online Order of Things

For those who may begin at some point to forget how (and why) you read Transit Mulatta, I’ve devised an organizational schema involving dates but completely impervious to their intent.

Perhaps the ethics committee of web-logging society will discover me long before I apprehend the relevant tenets of temporal logic and reject me as well as my artful system.

Henceforth, nevertheless, any numbers appearing to be dates will serve as imaginary placeholders, tastefully arranged. Thus, rather than supporting any teleological, calendric fantasies, dates will indicate transitive, if useful, reading trajectories that hold only for the moment.

(How else should I draw my patient readers’ attention to the text that has suffered most recently under my creative erasure or other so-called 'writerly rigors'?)

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