Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Take Your Bearings & Read the Latest. . .

I've been following the Jena Six story, and wondering if I have anything to add to the obvious. If, by chance, anyone is relying on this blog for an update or a quick link to some revealing conversation that explicates the issue, read the following current stuff: "Do you understand where you are?" and RaceWire.

Of course, today (of all days) there is ample opportunity to ruminate on whether the increasing numbers of race-related fiascoes in the news (since say 2001) reflect a shift in media accountability and interest, or indicate, rather, a heightened struggle around how we perceive ourselves as a country of diverse peoples. That is, the ideological work being done to "shore up" our physical boundaries and "protect" the homeland is also absolutely and continuously about consolidating our ever-slippery, national identity based on a social hierarchy inflecting race, class, gender, etc.

As I said, little new to add.

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