Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Updating the Race-Philes: Obama, Etc. 2008

Okay so it's been so very long since I blogged about anything, but here are several items that contribute to our critique of race/gender/sex and power this season:

Here's someone making the point that race is more than merely relevant, it is a reason to vote:

"It's OK to vote for Obama because he's black" in Salon.

And how does US imperialism factor in? Puerto Ricans don't have the right to vote in the election, but the outcome of their primary on June 7 will assign the final 63 delegates! (They may be the deciding factor!) The following video gives you a sense of how that likely may go.

You-Tube Video: SI, se puede!

And what about race is gendered, and vice versa?. .Here's an interesting article about how transgender people experience race.

See "Becoming a Black Man" in Colorlines.


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