Thursday, June 12, 2008

Unique Time-Space Gender/Race Juxtaposure

Another lens on how interpersonal relationships drive the deepest kind of social change emerged in my readings of media on race this week. Perhaps you heard the NPR story regarding the first interracial prom in Mississippi that just occurred this year and were surprised or reminded of the Lovings, whose relationship inspired change of significant magnitude. In this vein, K.L. Folan of the Post writes a healthy rumination from the perspective of a Black woman married to a white man, entitled What Mildred Loving Knew, and raises several points of statistical and anecdotal evidence showing that very few groups openly support this particular configuration of relations. Who has the courage to change racism/social inequality from within one's own psyche, and one's own relationships? And when and where does that courage originate?

Also: Check out this U-tube media reporting synthesis of clips about the Clinton endorsement of Obama.

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