Monday, March 13, 2006

On the Transcommunal Bridging of Black and Women's History (Months)

Plentiful and eloquent discussions have raised our awareness of the simultaneous value and irony of devoting a single month to the histories of Afrodescendent peoples in the U.S. followed by another month dedicated to women’s histories. For me, February being a short month, the celebration and inspiration to train our historical eyes to peer more closely at the contributions of Black people to our broader national legal, social and democratic legacies always recedes a little too quickly. So as I find myself noting the flow of the ‘ides’ and consequently the ebb of Black history month, I try to ease the progression by lifting up the people who contribute to these histories by bridging movements.

Aptly, the National Black Justice Coalition just posted a web-piece that praised ‘same-gender loving heroes,’ who have been at the forefront of the kind of community work to which I refer. Below is the link, which offers our global-eyes a lens on the kind of transcommunal work done by Black folks of all genders that advances the project that we pursue in our increasingly international women’s movement as well:

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